About Us

The Food Security Research Platform is an online portal that allows the food security research and development community to share their latest findings and publications across 8 promising research themes.It aims to serve the needs of a wide range of stakeholders in terms of data, information and knowledge on research and development in sustainable food systems across the food value chain.

Targeting mainly public and private institutions working in the research and development sector, it is a repository of research data related to food security in the country, as well as information on key investors in the food and agriculture sectors, the UAE research agenda on food security, and patent registration processes.

The portal also aims to raise the awareness of local private-sector companies about the importance of patenting their innovations and technologies.

The portal serves as a vessel to align research and development with the National Food Security Strategy which enables the UAE's population to have access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food for an active and healthy life at affordable prices at all times, including emergencies and crises.

The UAE’s food security strategy rests on the following pillars

  • Facilitate global agri-business trade and diversify international food sources
  • Enhance sustainable technology-enabled domestic food supply across the value chain
  • Reduce food loss and waste
  • Sustain food safety and improve nutritional intake
  • Enhance capacity to respond to food security risks and crises