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Disclaimer notice

The Food Security Office within the Prime Minister Office operates this website, providing information and certain services. Whereas the Food Security Office within the Prime Minister Office is looking to provide quality of information and service to this website’s users and makes every attempt to ensure accuracy, and reliability of the data contained in this website, the website is likely to develop continuously and the provided information and services may be amended from time to time.

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Limitation of Liability

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Contribution Terms and Conditions:

This website is managed by the Food Security Office within the UAE Prime Minister’s Office App / Website management” These terms and conditions related to members and contributors constitute a part of the General Terms & Conditions of this Application/ Website

  • The objectives of this App/Website is to provide a platform in which people to have the opportunity to contribute with their thoughts, opinions, views, articles, to apply to participate in leadership and capacity programme and alike by submitting it on the Application/ Website. The Web management will not under any circumstances bear any liability on the content of the articles or the participations and will not take any responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the information or any liability in case of breach of third party copyrights or intellectual property. The submitter/ user will bear the full responsibility related to his/her participations/ articles published on the App/Website.
  • The contributor acknowledges and confirms that he/ she has the full legal capacity to establish an account on this website and to participate in his/ her name without using any nicknames. Furthermore he/ she must be above 18 years of age.
  • The App/Website management has the right to amend and / or edit the contribution of articles, posts and publications and others as deemed fit to meet the objectives of the App/Website this includes granting approval to publish or reject.
  • The contributor acknowledges and confirms that he/ she is the sole owner and the author of the material submitted at the App/Website and that he/shall indemnify the website management from any claims which may arise from any third party copyright infringement .
  • Each contributor must establish an account in order to have an access to the App/Website service; such account must be completed with all the required information such as full name, email address, nationality, job title, organization, sector, social media accounts etc. For the purpose of establishing an account, this may require to gather information from your own data and to grant access to the App/Website to your phone personal files such as, photos , calendar, camera, location and phone numbers and other . The access will not be granted to the App/Website, unless the user accept to do so by clicking on accept/ allow function. In case the user do not wish to grant such access then please proceed with registration without using the accept/allow function.
  • In case the user wish to apply to one of the UAE leadership and capacity building programs as well as to be part of the engagement activities, then the user must complete his/her personal file on the App/Website.
  • The user may activate the Face ID or Touch ID, and this will be his/ her own discretion.
  • Its permitted that each member will have one account only; multiple accounts with different user names or information for the same member are not accepted and will be considered void
  • All requests submitted through this website are subject to the terms and conditions mentioned herein and to any updates that may occur periodically; the user should review the updates from time to time. The user should abide by the terms and conditions on this page and any other conditions that may appear on the App/Website, and any changes that may occur periodically.
  • The App/Website management is not responsible for any infringement of intellectual property rights and intellectual works of any party.
  • The user is aware that he/she is authorized to use the App/Website, and must keep the password and username in a safe place and not allow the use by someone else. You are not authorized to participate on behalf of any other person
  • Submissions are subject to the approval of the website management, United Arab Emirates laws as amended from time to time and fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United Arab Emirates.

Terms and conditions may be modified, and it is the user’s responsibility to check for any updates.